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Chronic UTI Patient Survey

'Hearing Patient Voices' is a confidential online survey of people who have been diagnosed with a chronic UTI or who suspect they have a chronic UTI.

Participating in this survey will improve our understanding of patients' experiences and contribute to Chronic UTI's work in raising awareness of this neglected health condition.

We need as many eligible people as possible to complete the survey to ensure that it provides robust data on the quality of life and broader impacts of chronic UTI. The larger the sample size, the more credibility the research will have with policy makers, health professionals and researchers – the people who have the power to improve diagnostic testing and treatments.


We are looking for:

You or your child do not need to have a formal diagnosis of chronic UTI to participate. Our definition of chronic UTI recognises that the condition is not well recognised by health professionals and can be difficult to diagnose using standard UTI tests.

The survey is limited to people who can understand and communicate in English; we welcome participation from people all over the world.

If you meet the eligibility criteria and wish to participate in the survey please get started by clicking the 'Start' button below.